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Wildlife in Depth – Moths

Moth recording in 2007

A total of 4800 individuals from 222 species were recorded during 2007, mainly from the moth trap run at Lime Kiln Cottage, but also through casual observations. The following annotated list highlights the most notable migrants and scarcer resident species. The majority of records come from the MV trap ran at Lime Kiln Cottage (referenced here only by abundance and date). During 2007 the Sussex Moth Group also ran multiple MV traps at the western end of the Beach Reserve near an old sea-defence (the Chalk Curve).

Ethmia bipunctella RDB - A total of 76 individuals between the April 16th and August 26th.

Bactra robustana Nb - One on May 29th at Ternery Pool.

Pediasia aridella Nb - Trapped on three dates: one on July 30th, three on July 31st and one on August 4th.

Platytes alpinella RDB - One on August 2nd.

Schoenobius gigantella Nb - Singletons on June 14th and July 15th and two on June 21st.

Evergestis extimalis Nb - A total of 22 individuals between June 10th and September 9th.

Cynaeda dentalis RDB - Singletons on five dates between June 19th and August 13th.

Sitochroa palealis N - A total of five individuals between August 2nd and 9th.

Dolicarthria punctalis Nb - A total of 11 between July 2nd and 31st.

Synaphe punctalis N - A total of 155 individuals between June 13th and August 13th.

Oncocera semirubella Nb - Singletons of this species were trapped on July 25th and 28th, and two on August 2nd, the last two records from MV traps set at the Chalk Curve.

Nephopterix angustella Nb - One on June 10th.

Pterophorus spilodactylus RDB (above right) - One on August 29th on Bourne's Field was the only record.

Pale Grass Eggar Lasocampa trifolii flava RDB - Singletons trapped on two dates: July 28th (Chalk Curve) and August 4th.

Rosy Wave Scopula emutaria Nb - One on June 13th.

Oblique Striped Phibalapteryx virgata Nb - Two on August 26th.

Large Thorn Ennomos autumnaria Nb - A male on September 9th.

Barred Red Hylaea fasciaria Common - One on June 10th was the first reserve record.

Pygmy Footman Eilema pygmaeola RDB - Singletons on three dates during July: 22nd, 25th, and 31st

Water Ermine Spilosoma urticae Nb - Singles on five dates between May 23rd and June 14th.

Kent Black Arches Meganola albula Nb - A total of eight individuals on six dates between July 9th and August 4th.

Sand Dart Agrotis ripae Nb - Five individuals on four dates between May 23rd and June 7th.

White Colon Sideridis albicolon Nb - Six individuals on four dates between May 21st and June 27th.

Shore Wainscot Mythimna litoralis Nb - A total of eight individuals between June 10th and August 26th.

L-Album Wainscot Mythimna l-album Nb/immigrant - One on September 23rd.

Star-Wort Cucullia asteris Nb - Singletons on August 2nd and 10th, and two on July 15th.

Feathered Brindle Aporophyla australis pascuea Nb - One on September 24th.

Reed Dagger Simyra albovenosa Nb - Thirteen between April 16th and September 3rd, including six on August 2nd. In addition a larva was found on Harbour Farm on June 20th.

Marbled Green Cryphia muralis Nb - One on August 2nd.

Crescent Striped Apamea oblonga Nb - A total of 18 between July 9th and August 5th.

Twin-spotted Wainscot Archanara geminipunctata Nb - One at the Chalk Curve on July 28th.

Webb's Wainscot Archanara sparganii Nb - Two on August 2nd (Chalk Curve) and one on August 26th.

Cream-Bordered Green Pea Earias clorana Nb - Singles on May 24th and June 13th and 14th.

Dotted Fan-foot Macrochilo cribrumalis Nb - Singles on June 27th and July 9th.

White-Point Mythimna albipuncta immigrant, recent colonist - A total of 29 between June 3rd and September 23rd.

Gem Orthonama obstipata immigrant - One on April 25th.

Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth Macroglossum stellatarum immigrant - Singles at Lime Kiln Cottage on March 28th and July 17th, and on in Rye Harbour Village on August 11th.

Convolvulus Hawk-Moth Agrius convolvuli immigrant - One on August 10th.

Delicate Mythimna vitellina immigrant - A total of six individuals on five dates between June 14th and October 15th.

Tree-lichen Beauty Cryphia algae immigrant - One on August 2nd