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Bittern in Winter

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The reserve is a mosaic of habitats, with many places to explore and discover wildlife. It also has an interesting history with military defences from 60, 200 and 500 years ago clearly marking the position of old shorelines.

Camber Castle 1530's

Martello Tower 1800's

World war II blockhouses 1940's

Click here for an article about the impact of the napoloenic wars on Romney Marsh. This was published in the Spring 2011 newsletter of the Romney Marsh Research Trust.

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These are all built on shingle ridges that were built up by the combined power of the wind and the sea. It is these shingle ridges that provide the very special interest of the nature reserve. Much of this shingle resource has been extracted over the last hundred years to provide material for the building industry, creating large gravel pits. These large bodies of water vary in salinity, ranging from the saline lagoon at Ternery Pool to the freshwater pit at Castle Water and these are now very important wildlife areas.

Please have a browse around some of the main areas: