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Wild Rye: Discover Our Wetland Wildlife

Seaweed on the shingle


For a wide selection of Rye Harbour Wildlife video look at our You Tube page by clicking here.

Sandwich Terns and their chicks
The largest of our breeding terns, Sandwich Terns can be identified by their crested black cap, black, yellow-tipped beak and size. Up to 500 pairs breed on the islands in Ternery Pool at Rye Harbour.
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Coot and Tufted Duck
Coot and Tufted Duck in a synchronised dive
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Black-headed Gull colony
In May and June the colony at Ternery Pool is very busy, noisy and smelly...
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Black-headed Gulls
Black-headed Gulls incubating at Ternery Pool.
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Cormorant feeding young at Castle Water 23rd April 2006, the squeaking is their begging call.
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Ringed Plover
Female returning to nest to incubate 2 eggs and 2 very new chicks.
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Painted Lady
In most summers this migrant butterfly is common and here is seen feeding on Ragwort.
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Water Vole
Most easily seen along the drainage ditches of Castle Farm.
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